Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who are you-based on your clothing.

Clothing represents a shield. It is something to hide behind. Your clothes are what people see when they're across the room. It is the first thing they see about you. Your clothing is peoples first impression of you. You can be anything you want, through your clothing. It is a security blanket. You can be a girly girl but you dress athletic. That is what people think of you. You can control peoples opinions of you through the way you dress. If you wear a suit and tie, you are showing that you are ambitious and striving. If you wear a pair of running shoes and i sweat jacket you may be putting out that you are athletic. You can alter who you are through your clothing.
 Or you can follow who you are in your clothing. You express yourself through what you choose to wear. Whatever you want people to think of you as, you can easily make that image for yourself. For some people, it is about comfort, for others, it may be about appeal. That shows who you are, your characteristics. It is amazing how one item can portray exactly who we are.
Not only can clothing express your true feelings, it can hide you. Very literally, it covers you. But, metaphorically, it is a blanket to hide underneath. Like i said before, if you're not comfortable with who you re, you can just change it but mixing up your wardrobe a bit. It is almost therapeutic to put together a whole new outfit. Mixing up your fashion sense when you are lost is very common. It is seen in depressed patients. They are told to spice up their everyday life. Some people get drastic haircuts, most change their wardrobe. In hiding behind your clothes, you are really discovering your true self. It allows you to go on this journey of self discovery. Every morning when you're picking out an outfit, what you choose reflects you. Even if it is not your first choice. You still made that decision for some reason. Whether that be to hide, to change, or to simply be clothed. If you chose that clothing item to hide, you may be going through a change in life, and you are probably a young adult of sort. If you chose it because you want to change your style, it shows that you are adamant about being happy. You are doing everything you can to be better and to be true to yourself, hence, being on a journey to discovering the real you. If you chose this item just because you needed something to wear, you may be very chill and laid back. You are a likable, sociable person.
Clothing is many things. Me personally, i am the type to plan out my outfit down to the shoelace. I want organization. I like where i am right now and have no burning desire to change. My style reflects me. But i am an organized freak and i need all things to have order.

What does it mean when i say ......?
What does it mean when i say persistence? To me, it means to know yourself, to know yourself well enough that you can push yourself past your limits. You aspire to be better than you were the day before. I live by the concept that i will never let myself settle for anything less than i know i am capable of. And for a while i was okay there. But i had a realization, that i could never move forward staying where i was. I know what i am capable of, but who says that boundary cant be pushed? You will always be shocked when you step out of your comfort zone. And you will be even more flabbergasted when you soar past your self-thought capabilities. Persistence is you strive to be better, People need more of that in their life. The most influential people in the world did it, and that's exactly how they became so influential. So dare yourself to do it. It's amazing. Persist. Great things happen when you push yourself. Because when it comes down to it, no one is going to do anything for you. No one is going to get that A for you. No one is going to lose that weight for you. And chances are, you don't listen when they tell you to push yourself. I know i didn't. But when i told myself, i listened. It is said by many, that to be better, you need to stand up. Stand up from your comfort zone. It is a cliche so much so that we don't even pay attention to it anymore. Push yourself, be better than you were yesterday, strive to surpass what you think your capable of.

Persistence is like binge watching Grey's Anatomy
When you persist, you push yourself past your limits. Past what you previously thought you were capable of. You need to know yourself and understand that you don't know everything because in pushing yourself, you will be surprised at the results. When binge watching your favorite show, you push yourself. You say only one or two episodes, but you end up at eight. You certainly did not think you had the time to get through all of those episodes. You thought if you made it to three you would fall asleep. But you didn't. You made it through all of them. You multi tasked. You ate dinner and finished a whole season of Grey's Anatomy simultaneously. This is an accomplishment, and one you didn't think you could obtain. You were probably very shocked when (spoiler alert) after George O'malley died, you looked out your window and it was dark out. You went further than your originally thought capabilities and that is a success in any sense.
Persistence is also comparable to an omelette. It was one egg. And now it is this beautiful delicious meal. When that egg was packaged, noone could guess the beautiful meal it would turn into.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Audience and Oxygen

I learned how important audience is. You can be speaking or writing but if you're not exactly sure who you are speaking/writing to, you cannot be effective. Be aware of who you want to receive your message. 
Also, i learned about the heart and the path of blood flow. The fact that you're heart is the key to your life is amazing to me. How it controls the oxygen being sent throughout your body. It gets me excited for my career. To put out blood, your heart works step by step and goes through a series of actions to pump out oxygenated blood. It starts with deoxygenated blood from the body coming in through the superior and inferior vena cavas of the heart. The blood travels to the right atrium, and pumps through the tricuspid valve. The blood then enters the right ventricle and exits through the pulmonary trunk out the pulmonary artery. It heads to the lungs to be oxygenated.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog?

When blogging, you are putting your thoughts and ideas out there in a way unavailable up until only recently. Your blog is full of things that float around your mind and have no other effective way to escape. It is a responsibility to share your opinion. It is a responsibility to share your thoughts and analysis of certain topics. People come to the internet to see others' points of view and ideas. As a blogger, it is your responsibility to provide that for them.

It is also essential to be truthful in the messages you choose to portray and discuss. They should be your opinion and your ideas, but there should be reason behind everything you do or say. By putting out your thoughts, you may be changing the way someone else thinks. This proves unjustifiable if your messages are untrue and full of bias.

Most of all, it is your obligation, as a blogger, to share your opinion. Share your point of view, and share the ideas embedded deep down that are begging to break loose.