Thursday, April 7, 2016


I love to bake. I enjoy creating things and baking is a way to do this that is requires little artistic ability. It is just about formatting the ingredients in a way that will give the best end product. You can follow the recipe or alter it. I usually follow the recipe at first until i get used to the dessert. Then i change the ingredients to make it the best it could be. For example, i made brownies out of the box for years and they were never that great. They always hardened and became inedible. You want soft brownies, ya know. So i started using one less egg and that made the batter much thicker and kept the brownies completely soft. I also started adding a little vanilla extract to make them a little sweeter and to improve the generic flavor of boxed desserts. I also put semisweet chocolate chips in my brownies because they are so soft, it adds a little texture and the semisweet makes the brownies more rich. I much prefer baking over cooking probably because i think desserts are cute and i like making them for people.

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