Thursday, April 21, 2016

Working out

I really enjoy working out, but its getting harder and harder because of all of the things i need to do. So im always like, should i workout for two hours or study for seven. And it sucks that i have to put school work above things that help my health but thats just the traditional school system. I hate it though. It really affects your health, the amount of school work that needs to be done. I miss out on so much sleep and i forget to eat and cant workout because im so focused on studying. Its so important, in this day and age, to get A's and do good on tests, And i believe that its wrong that our school system has basically gotten rid of all creativity and it is guided by standardized tests. Kids do not thrive on that. Im learning in psych right now, that kids are intrinsically motivated to learn. People love to learn, i love to learn. But what comes along with learning in the school system, it makes you want to die. The light for learning slowly dies because our learning becomes memorizing what is going to be on the test to get good grades because that is the measurement of how smart you are. And its demeaning and makes people feel bad about themselves because their "not smart" in the eyes of standardized tests. I think the system needs to change, but for now life sucks. Ha, school sucks. I really wish i could learn more.

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