Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saying the wrong thing

Whenever your in a tense situation, it is very easy to say the wrong thing. I personally, tend to do this a lot. Sometimes you get mixed up in your thoughts and it comes out the wrong way. Then people tend to get mad at you and its hard to come back from that. You need to apologize but whats done is done, and whats said is already out there and its pretty hard to take that back. So depending on what you said or how you said it, that may affect your relationship for the remainder of it. I do this a lot with my mom and she does it to me, but we always have a way of talking it out in the end. But when something like this happens with a non family member, it is a lot harder to come back from. The main reason for this is that its much easier to walk away from. You dont have as much history as you would with a family member. It is inevitable that sometimes you will say the wrong thing. But the best way to handle it is to just get your tongue out of your mouth, apologize, and think before you speak.

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