Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cancelled class

Having class cancelled is the best feeling i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It never happened in high school, but college is so different. You have a certain amount of individual classes per day. You make your schedule. If you have three classes a day. One at 8 am, and then one at 12 and one at 1. If your 8 am is cancelled, you dont even need to get to school until 5 hours later. That is an extra 5 hours of sleep. Or if your last class of the day is cancelled, you get to go home an hour early. Especially on fridays, it feels amazing. Even, if your middle class gets cancelled, its still great because its one less thing to worry about on our very busy assignment schedules. You have to actually go to class in college. In high school, you go to school and go from class to class. There's no way around it. In college, you have your classes, and in between you go to the library or back to your dorm. And then for your next class, you need to get back up and go to class again. So if you have to get up one less time for a day, it is a wonderful little reward.  For your middle class, you get sit around and relax for that hour now instead of sitting in class. You dont have to worry about notes, or assignments due the next class, (although professors usually still email you something to have done for the next class). It just feels really good to have one less obligation, one less thing to worry about. And its always a suprise, like your all ready to do all of your things and then you find out you have one less thing you have to do that day. Class being cancelled is very rare, but when it happens, you get to sleep inn or go home early, and boy does it feel great.

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