Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting a new job

Having part time jobs in high school is kind of a blow off thing. You learn some responsibility and get a little money. But as you get older, jobs become more important, you can no longer just leave old jobs off your resume because you quit in an unprofessional way. Your employers reflection of you becomes much more meaningful. You NEED the money, its not to have a little extra. You NEED to succeed at the job, and keep it long term. You cant just quit when you get bored. You work more hours, not twice a week for 5 hours. As i transition into higher job levels, i see this. I'm preparing for m future career through my education right now. So in my free time, i need to be preparing for my career professionally. Getting work experience, used to having a boss and following orders and relying on the job for its benefits to get by. As you become older, it becomes more important for you to be able to function as an adult to have a job. Im personally estatic to have a job that isnt something im doing on the side of my everyday life. Its something im doing to save money up for important things in the future, adult things. My next job is one i need to keep until further notice. To save money, and have money to pay for school expenses. Also to be more independent and transition into the adult world.

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