Monday, April 4, 2016

Pros/Cons of Music

Music is great in your free time, it brings out emotions when your feeling sad, it also gets you feeling good on an already good day. I like to listen to music based on the weather and my mood. If im sad, my music will reflect that, but if its a sunny day and im feeling good, my music will probably be something you could dance to. As a former dancer, music means a lot to me and i listen to it as much as i can. But my music also means something to me, its a way for me to get away and i dont know what i would do without it.
But when it comes to listening to music to study- i absolutely cannot. I know most people can, and it helps them focus. But i need my mind empty. If im studying or writing a paper, i access the deepest parts of my brain. I think of it like that one movie that recently came out where the main character learns we only use like 2% of our brain power and if we were able to access the rest, who knows what would happen. Well i think of it like, i know im intelligent. But to be the best i can be, i need to access all depths of my brain. The brain is a powerful thing. But when im listening to music, i cant do that. Pats of my brain are activated because f the music and im singing along in my head and i cant focus as deep anymore. I need silence to work to the best of my abilities. Which really sucks because that is nearly impossible, but i usually put in headphones and pretend im listening to music, but it keeps everything quiet and prevents people from disturbing me. Its great.

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