Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to handle your moms angry wrath

When i was a kid and my mom would get mad at me, she would usually yell at me and i would hide in my room the rest of the day because i didn't want her to yell at me again. Most often, i would cry too. Then i got older, and when she would fight with me, i would fight back and we would but heads and not talk for a few days. It was a teenage daughter- mother relationship. And i wasn't okay with not talking to her so i would apologize first, all the time. That helped. Now if i fight with my mother, i just nod and agree, and tell her she is right. What i've learned from all of this is the sure fire way to handle your mothers angry wrath.
She yells at you, do not interrupt, let her yell. When shes done, say something along the lines of, "you know, i understand now that you've explained it and im sorry," she may be happy with that, or depending on how her day is gone, she may yell more. If she yells more, let her go. Then calmly agree with her again and explain why what you did was wrong. Tell her you love her, and when the conversation is over, leave. Hide out elsewhere for a little bit. When you come back, hug and kiss her. Although, shes usually happy again with the "i love you."

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