Monday, April 4, 2016


If you have a dog, you know how loving dogs are. They change your life. Dogs make you want to be a better person and help you understand the importance of life.
A dogs life revolves around you. It is so much shorter than the human life and they experience so much less. The majority of what they experience is their owner. They love their owner, they are loyal to their owner and they would do anything for their owner. It really gives you someone to love. Dogs give you a purpose, someone is counting on you. They love you unconditionally and all they want in return is your attention.
Dogs also make you laugh. My dog likes to bark at things when you close them. Whenever someone closes a cabinet, he barks because he thinks he is being threatened. If you close a glasses case, its even worse. But we all laugh because its cute and we love him.
At night sometimes, my dog with jump into bed with me and lay up against my feet and put his head on my leg and look at me, and it melts my heart.
Dogs are honestly just the sweetest, most loving things. They are funny, they bring smiles to everyone's faces and they teach responsibility/ the value of life. If you do not have a dog, or are not a do person, i guarantee there is a dog out there that will make you change your mind.

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