Monday, April 11, 2016

Picking topics

I have so much trouble picking topics every time i need to. Im in three writing classes right now. Every time a new paper comes around, it takes me a good 2 weeks to land on a topic. And even then im still not 100% sure. I always go back on it and am lie am i sure this is something i want to write about, this is a big paper. So more often than not, my topic is changed a few times before i start writing the paper. I have the most trouble in my communications class, because we have a deadline for when our topic has to be picked. And then we start writing. I always always want to change my topic like a week after finalizing it. Its also worse, because i have to speak about it in front of the class so i want my topic to be perfect. I want to be very interested in it and i want it to be something i can keep my audiences attention with. So thats something i struggle with, and theres been a few times where ive emailed my teacher after the deadline and asked to change my topic just because i dont like it. I also find myself having more and more trouble picking blog topics because im writing so many. But every once in a while i get a really good idea and its something i can just type and type about and it helps me get my thoughts out. But i do have those times where i have really no idea what i could possibly write about and i go around and ask people to give me a random topic. I have a lot of trouble in college writing picking a topic too because im just very indecisive. Its probably something i should learn to work on.

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