Sunday, April 10, 2016

Going vegetarian

For quite some time now, ive been thinking about switching over to a no meat diet. Possibly no animal product at all at some point. But thats another conversation, I really want to give it a shot. 1. I dont even really like meat anyway. 2. I figure, i know the way slaughter houses treat their animals is really bad, and if im not even a huge fan of meant, why am i supporting the meat industry at all? I've done some research to see just how bad slaughter houses are and i came across some very disturbing articles and videos and it only re-encouraged me to move forward with this new lifestyle. I feel like even though im only one person, im still making a difference. If one person a day were to switch over to a no meant lifestyle, eventually the meat industry would go out of business. Now im not an advocate for this lifestyle, because i know how important meat is to our bodies. I cant ask everyone to completley change the way they live. But if your worried about not getting enough protiens, eat eggs. They have all 20 amino acids. As do cereals and nuts together and legumes have some amino acids. There are still ways to get those nutrients. I just feel like this is the best option for me and im very excited to see how my body reacts to this new change. Im also even more excited to feel like im making a little bit of a difference.

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