Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why am i so cold?

I am always freezing. Year round. Ill be in the house with my family and everyone's complaining about how hot it is and im in sweatpants under two blankets. I really have no idea why. I dont know if i have a low fat content directly under my skin preventing insulation? But im not like underweight, i have meant on my bones. Ive always wondered if maybe i have an iron deficiency, but i was tested as a baby and the doctors said no. But i can never get warm and it really sucks. I love the heat. When we go to florida and its 95 degrees out, you'll find me in the hot tub. I just love the warmth, because i can never get warm on my own. I very rarely wear just a t shirt because ill be freezing within 15 minutes. I cling to heat whenever i can get it. I love taking baths for the warmth. In the winter (sometimes even summer), ill put on my heated blanket, go take a shower, lay on top of that, and then put my blanket and my comforter over top of me. In summer, ill walk around the house with a blanket wrapped around me and ill go sit outside on the deck like that. I'm just to cold to function without a blanket. But when i workout, i sweat, i get hot, so im not like incapable of getting ht. Its just 87% of my life, im freezing and everyone around me is warm.

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