Monday, April 11, 2016

Hostile Work Enviornment

No matter your work ethic, if youre not working in a good environment, its impossible to get anything done. I get very easily distracted when im getting things done, I get even more distracted if their is a hostile environment. Example, my dad has this happen a lot to him. The people at his work can be kind of judgmental and get in fights with each other and this makes it hard for him to get his things done. People also experience this a lot when living on a college campus, or having roommates of any kind. You are trying to study but your roommates got something going on, or they're in a bad mood today, or they're fighting with another one of your roommates. It makes it very hard for you to get anything done. Your roommates are mad at each other and its a distraction because they're both venting to you and trying to get you to agree with them but you dont want to pick a side you just want to get your homework done. It creates a hostile surrounding and that's something that no one should have to function it. It's also much harder to function in. So my best advice, is leave. Avoid those people, avoid that environment because more than likely the work you are doing is very important and its not worth messing up because two people cant figure out their issues.

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