Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Boys have it easy

****Disclaimer- this is my angry rant about boys, not all of this may be true but as a woman who is angry at a male, this is what ive come up with****
Boys got it easy and i could talk about this for hours because it is crazy unfair how easy boys have it.
First off, lets talk about how the majority of them dont have to do anything t get ready in the morning, and if they do it is very optional or minimal. Second, they are so laid back and rarely have to deal with drama unless it is from a girl. Third, when it comes to relationships, most of the time they are the ones who have it easy. Girls freak out and worry over every little thing and guys dont even notice those little things, they do not over analyze. Next, guys do not have to deal with societal expectations. Like a women gaining a few pounds is a HUGE deal compared to a man. Women are more expected to look "perfect" and guys are allowed to slack. Finally, the whole "giving birth" thing. Guys do not have to experience ANY pain that comes with preparing for babies (internally) or the excruciating pain that comes with birthing a baby. They dont have these crazy hormones that make them super hungry when they shouldnt be, or make the cry over nothing. Frankly, it is unfair and i am not happy about it.

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