Friday, April 8, 2016


My mom is a huge couponer. It all started when one day we were at target and a lady in front of us had a huge load. Her total was about 175$. She pulled out a wad of coupons and her total went down to 30$. From there, my mo started buying all the newpapers, she would have our friends and neighbors give their spare newspapers to her. She cut out all the coupons she thought might be useful and stored them in her little coupon box. She learned the tips and tricks and got really good. Now every time she grocery shops she uses it to her advantage. I think her largest savings was around 300$. Now shes not only using this info to save our family money on groceries, but shes teaching me how to do it to save money later in life, I've learned to combine coupons and save money on clothing, and things i like to buy. Its really great when you dont need to pay full price for something and it feels amazing when you get a deal. I get to use it to buy clothes and later in life, ill get to use it to buy food for my family. All thanks to my mom and her adorable interest in couponing.

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