Thursday, April 21, 2016

End of the year stress

College is hard, obviously. And it gets even worse towards the end of the semester. Finals arent even that bad, its just all of the assignments due at once. Right now, i have a research paper to finish, a theories of personality paper to right in its entirety, two anatomy quizzes, an anatomy test, a writing project, and 4 study guides to finish. The research paper is just about done, ill have on of my anatomy quizzes done this week. I have to turn in the research paper on sunday, work on my final anatomy study guide and hopefully finish it, study for my anatomy quiz while also studying for the overall test. This test is extremely important too, it could make or break my grade, so these last few exams in anatomy are essential to my grade. Then i need to do my psych final study guide, communications final study guide, and theology study guides. I also need to do this final writing project. Over  the weekend i need to do my theories paper, and hardcore study anatomy because that is so importnat. Then also study for psych. After that, its down hill, because my theology study guide would be done, and ill just need to study a small amount and same for communications and then im out of here. :)))))

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