Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lettuce sucks

People think lettuce is healthy for you, so they eat salads and get lettuce on burgers to improve their health. But in reality, lettuce has zero health benefits for humans. It has some vitamins, but few, and all that des is help synthesize nutrients. But in fact, lettuce is composed of a beta compound vs an alpha compound. Alpha is what the majority of our foods are made up of, easily digestible by humans. Beta foods are actually classified as "rabbit food." Much harder to digest.
So the best thing about lettuce are that is has NO nutritional value. So if you want something that fills you up but wont give you any of the bad nutrients, lettuce is a good choice. It fills you up with none of the negative effects. So in tat way, lettuce is beneficial. But it does not have direct health benefits. It does not make you healthier, it will just fill you up and you will eat less junk :))))

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