Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground is recently released documentary centered on college campus rape. This is the whole basis of my research paper. It gave me the idea, and got me passionate about the whole topic. I didn't know much about it before but i did no that it was awful and something i might want to address because people just know what it is. They don't understand the causes, how its hidden and why it is so harmful. This documentary gave me basically all of this information. The way that it displayed all of this information was so powerful that it was impossible to not feel something. The movie is introduced by showing clips of families receiving the acceptance letter for their sons/daughters getting into their dream college. It was an extremely exciting time, the whole family was excited, the parents were proud and the students were ecstatic. Then the movie cuts to the first story and it is a girl saying "My first night at my dream college Notre Dame, i was raped." And from there it only gets worse. It talks about the colleges role in allowing this to continue to happen, athletics and fraternities and their role, how the offenders are usually repeated offenders, and finally the heart wrenching stories of the victims. The part about colleges lack of action towards preventing this from reoccurring is what really got me feeling some type of way about this and i can't help but think about it and be irate.

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